Mental health is a subject that concerns children as much as adults. A mental health imbalance can occur at any time, and prevent a young person from coping with daily life. Whether you suffer from anxiety, depression, eating disorders, attention deficit disorders or drug and alcohol abuse, it is possible to get help.

From May 1st to May 7, 2017, it’s Children's Mental Health Week; we can all help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

In 2014, the Ministry of Children and Youth Services appointed Valoris as the agency responsible for child and youth mental health services in Prescott-Russell as part of the Moving on Mental Health plan launched in 2012 to ensure a consistent service for youth in Ontario. One of the priorities for our region is accessibility to services. Several partners are collaborating on a community action plan to simplify access, facilitate transition and reduce wait times for mental health services in Prescott-Russell. The mobilization of youth, families and the community is also at the heart of this action plan as they are the ones who use the services.

The stigma surrounding mental health creates a real challenge in our community; some youth avoid getting help because they fear being labelled by their peers or their families. It is important to quickly recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health problems. Always listen to those around you and do not hesitate to talk to someone if you have any concerns.

For more information regarding mental health services in Prescott-Russell or to get help, please call 1-800-675-6168.