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Homesharers are individuals just like you who, by sharing their home on a permanent basis, offer support to an adult from the community who has intellectual or physical limitations.

The homesharer program is a housing initiative financed by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. It helps provide placements in a family like setting which offers care, support and supervision to adults.


Program Objectives

  • Provide a family like setting where one can live safely;
  • provide a better quality of life;
  • promote community integration.


Where the service provider is not related, no more than two adults will be placed in a homesharing residence. Agency policies and procedures may be implemented to insure the adult's quality of life.

General responsibilities of a homesharer

  • Provide a safe, stable and risk-free living environment;
  • provide a furnished bedroom, unless otherwise specified by adult;
  • prepare nutritious meals;
  • protect the adult's privacy;
  • help with health care, basic needs and other day to day activities;
  • help adult get to work, to social and daily activities and medical appointments;
  • maintain a welcoming and social home atmosphere and encourage adult involvement in the daily activities, just as any other member of the household;
  • provide suggestions, advice and opportunities to encourage social inclusion of the adult;
  • allow friends and family to visit;
  • plan for care of adult when main service provider is absent;
  • maintain financial records as well as other necessary documents and receipts for products or services purchased for or by the adult, as per requirements of the organisation administering transfer payments;
  • maintain confidentiality of information and documents concerning the adult;
  • participate in initial and ongoing training, in home sharer meetings and in the annual review as required by the organisation administering the transfer payments;
  • participate in the development process of the action plan related to the placement of the adult in the home;
  • inform the agency's personnel of any change in the adult's behaviour, health or needs;
  • inform the agency's personnel of any severe incident;
  • inform the organisation of any change in the household situation;
  • assume other responsibilities according to the agreement with the organization administering the transfer payments and depending on the particular needs of the adult.

Am I eligible?

Valoris is looking for flexible, dynamic and understanding individuals or couples who wish to offer daily support to one or two adults 18 to 75 years of age and living with developmental disabilities.

You will receive benefits as well as the support from our qualified staff. A specific diploma is not required, only a desire to be involved and make a difference in someone's life.

You will be part of a dynamic team who's goal is to help the adults we serve grow within their community.

You could be the person we are looking for if...

you wish to be involved within the Prescott-Russell community;
you want to live an experience that is filled with significance and worth;
you would like to bring support to others and contribute to your community;
you hope to be involved to improve someone's quality of life;
you are interested in employment stability while staying at home.