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Permanent foster care placements

Some children need permanent placements until they reach the age of majority. Some individuals hesitate to become foster parents because they are afraid of going through a painful separation with the children they have grown close to. However, individuals or families can become permanent foster families. In these situations, the risks of going through a heart-breaking separation are much smaller. Some children in permanent placement continue to visit their biological parents, while living with their foster families. Other children do not have any contact with the biological family and the foster family becomes the only family for the children.

Short-term and medium-term child care placements

Some individuals prefer devoting themselves to children for a limited period of time. They play a crucial role for a certain time in the lives of these children and guide them through the next step (ex.: adoption) or back to their own family  (ex. going back to their biological parents). It's possible to become such a family by requesting children who need a full-time placement for a limited period of time.

Respite care placements

It's possible to become a foster family on a partial basis with a limited commitment. This type of placement can suit individuals who cannot or do not wish to get involved with children on a full-time basis, but who still wish to help them. This type of commitment can be satisfying and motivating for both the children and the adults while providing relief for permanent foster families, for example.

Children with special needs

Some people have an affinity for taking care of children with special physical or intellectual needs. The degrees and types of conditions vary as much as the children do. Some disabilities are less severe than others. Valoris is always seeking individuals to take care of children with special needs. The placement periods vary. Experience is an asset but not required, however it is necessary to have the will learn, to understand and to support the child in question.

Adoption placements

For adoptive families or families who wish to adopt, children and youth regularly become available for adoption, through Valoris. However, there is a lack of families willing to adopt an older child (6 to 16 years of age), a child with special needs (physical, intellectual or emotional) or three siblings or more. Some families may have so much to offer these children but do not realize there is such a need in Prescott-Russell. Singles and couples can become adoptive families.

Individuals can request to adopt a child once that child becomes officially available for adoption. It's also possible to become a foster family with the intention of adopting. In this case, our agency will introduce the family to a child who is more likely to become available for adoption. This will prevent the child from going through an emotional separation once he or she becomes available for adoption.

Emergency and temporary care placements

Some children and teens are sometimes introduced to families during an emergency situation, with only a few hours notice. While waiting for a regular foster family, temporary or emergency placements are sometimes necessary. These specially designated families agree to be on-call (on rotation) during weekends and evenings, according to a pre-established schedule, in order to provide an immediate placement for children and teens. In addition to the financial and professional support already provided to all foster families, emergency placement families receive additional financial support. Temporary homes offer a substitute placement, for a limited period of time that usually lasts one month and never more than three months. These families become experts in assessing the children's needs and providing advice and assistance in introducing children to their regular foster families.

Room and board and semi-supervised apartments

Being a full-time parent may not suit everyone; nevertheless, some people may have a room or an apartment and may be willing to spare a few hours each week to act as mentors providing support and advice. Interested individuals can offer room and board or a semi-supervised apartment to a teenager, a young adult or an independent adult with special needs.

Welcoming teens - an urgent need

Valoris is constantly seeking foster parents who are willing to welcome teenagers for a short, medium or long period of time. Teens are at a crucial point in their lives and a warm and loving family can have a major impact on their life. There is an urgent need for families willing to welcome teens with serious behavioural problems. These young people, often scared by years of abuse, instability, rejection or neglect desperately need foster parents who will believe in them and support them. Unfortunately, it seems that few people want to help. The reality of the matter is distressing considering the fact that many individuals have so much to offer. We're not asking individuals to be experts in the field or to work miracles. What's most important is listening, supporting and caring for these teens.