If you do not find the answers to your questions on this page, please give us a call at 1 800 675.6168.

How do I request services?

Call 1 800 675-6168 and press 0. Our hours are Monday to Friday from 8: 30 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can also send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., but it’s better to contact us by phone so we can better understand your needs.

Do I need my parents’ permission?

If you are over 12, you can get services without your parents’ consent. However, it’s important that you understand the implications of your request. We will discuss this at the first meeting or when you call.

I don’t know if my problem is serious enough to call.

Don’t worry! Whatever the reason, we are here to guide you to the services you need. At the first meeting, we will talk about what’s going on to determine what help you need.

Where will the meetings be held?

Meetings are held in Valoris service centres, unless you prefer another location (home, school, etc.). You could discuss this with the community worker.

What will happen at the first meeting?

The community worker will get to know you and try to identify what you want to change in your life. You will also receive information about Valoris’ mental health services. The community worker will explain confidentiality, sharing of information and consent to services.

Will the information that I share with my community worker be disclosed to others?

The information you share is confidential. You will also have to give your consent before anything is shared. Your community worker will explain this at the first meeting.

What can I do if I do not like my community worker?

No need to worry! It’s quite normal not to feel comfortable talking with someone. Discuss it with your community worker who will help you submit a request to see someone else. It’s important that you are comfortable when discussing your needs.

How much does the service cost?

The service is free. We receive funding from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services to provide this service.

How much time will it take?

About 50% of requests require one to six meetings to find the right solution. If you need more support, we will continue to work with you. The objective is to support you during your difficulties, to identify solutions and to give you the tools you need to experience positive changes. At each meeting, the community worker will ask you to complete a short survey to see if you like the service you receive, if you can speak freely, and if you trust your community worker’s approach.

I'm 18 years old. Can I have access to services?

Unfortunately, our services are for children and adolescents aged 0-17 years. We can direct you to other mental health services in the Prescott-Russell area.

Will my request for mental health services launch a child protection investigation?

No, mental health services are considered separate from child welfare. However, if during the service, you share with us that you or a family member is a victim of violence or abuse, we have a duty to report that information. In such situations, your community worker will guide you and help you to determine the best option to prevent this from causing more challenges.

I did not like my last experience with Valoris. What has changed in the provision of mental health services?

In recent years, we’ve closely evaluated our mental health services and have made significant changes in the way services are delivered. All requests are treated the same way. There is now a specific team dedicated to offering mental health services. We use effective tools and approaches that will lead to positive results in your life. In addition, at the end of each meeting, you can evaluate your community worker and give your opinion about the meeting.