Valoris is committed to protecting the privacy of the children, adults and families it supports. In order to provide quality services, we must collect and use information about you and your family. In accordance with the law, we have set out rigorous protocols and safeguards to ensure your information remains confidential.

Our policies, S-103 and S-104, defines our commitment to keeping your personal information safe. Employees are bind by a confidentiality oath and are required to follow training when they are hired.

Mental Health Services

Mental health services at Valoris are offered on a voluntary basis. Parents and/or children/youth must give their informed consent prior to receiving services. Participants may withdraw their consent at any time. Youth receiving mental health services that demonstrate the capacity to give consent may request that information not be shared with their parent/legal guardian.

How will Valoris use information about me and my family?

  • To plan and provide adequate services and treatments.
  • For quality assurance and evaluation purposes.
  • To compile non-identifying statistics for research.
  • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Can Valoris release my personal information without my consent?

Should Valoris need to share your information with another service provider involved with your care or should they want to access your information elsewhere, your consent will be requested.

While Valoris is committed to keeping your personal information confidential and safe, we are required by the law to release your information without your consent in the following situations:

  • Valoris must report if a child under the age of 16 is or appears to be suffering from abuse or neglect.
  • Valoris must report if someone appears to be in immediate or serious danger (ex. suicide threat or sexual abuse).
  • Valoris workers and/or your file are subpoenaed by the court.

Can I access my personal information?

In accordance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act of Ontario, you have the right to access personal information regarding your health and to request that corrections be made to ensure accurate information is presented in your file. To request access to your file, please speak with your community worker.

Where does Valoris keep my personal information?

Valoris maintains client’s records electronically. All hard copies collected while receiving services are kept in a file and stored in a secure location. Upon completion of service, electronic and hard copy files are securely stored based on the delays set out by the law and Valoris’ retention schedule.  All data is then confidentially destroyed.

For questions or concerns regarding your personal information and privacy, please contact us at 1 800 675.6168.