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The word volunteering comes from the Latin word benevolus, meaning (bene) good and (volo) want. We could define volunteering as an act made freely, with no obligation on the part of the individual which gives the person performing the act a certain feeling of satisfaction when the work is welcomed by others.

With your commitment, we hope to widen the social network surrounding vulnerable individuals, which also includes their family, their friends, their community and various support groups.

At Valoris, volunteering becomes an activity or an action where interaction and cooperation are important. Moreover, volunteering helps to stimulate communities, eliminate social exclusion and encourage acts that allow vulnerable individuals to reach more socially appreciated roles.

Volunteering with adults

This social integration sub-program aims at integrating adults with developmental delays in their community by way of social, cultural or recreational activities. This program makes it possible for vulnerable persons to take part in activities that would otherwise be inaccessible to them. The volunteer will be able to help adults take their place in a group setting through coaching. This kind of implication can be done in many ways, such as accompanying the adult to various activities in the community.

We also offer the possibility for adults who have benefited from pairing program to become volunteers with the help and support of the Community Integration Counsellor. This allows them to help someone who is living with similar challenges to those that have been overcome.

Volunteering with children and teens

This social integration service aims at promoting the involvement of children in social, cultural or recreational activities taking place in their community. This program makes it possible for children to create connections with other children their age. The volunteer will be matched with a person of his\her community in order to accompany him\her during activities such as Scout program, Cadet program, skating, swimming, basketball, music lessons, etc., that promote his/her personal development and community integration while exploring his/her strengths and abilities.

This service offers tutoring and homework assistance to children and teenagers. The volunteer’s involvement in this program will depend on the needs and the difficulties experienced by the child on an academic level.

Volunteering within the community

Community activities
Volunteering in community activities is fitting for people who wish to put to good use their personal and professional skills and talents, by getting involved in various activities offered at any time throughout the year within the Prescott-Russell communities. These activities can involve direct involvement with the people served by the agency. For example, a volunteer can decide to devote a few hours to help prepare a wood workshop for our adults with developmental delays.

It is also possible to become involved indirectly in other projects at the agency such as helping with fundraising campaigns, with our Christmas Angels Campaign, with our community program “Communities That Care” or by offering some time with administrative work.

We are also present in many activities organized by the municipalities, such as street fairs, Christmas parades and Canada Day celebrations.

In a few words, the volunteer’s commitment depends on the tasks and activities they want to take part in. The involvement can be for a short period, divided into blocks of time or on an ongoing basis. All activities will respect the volunteer’s skills, interests and talents.

Volunteer drivers
This service enables people to get to activities or appointments in their community (or outside their region) allowing them to go out more and integrate their community thanks to the volunteer drivers. Although the drivers offer their time on a volunteer basis, their mileage is reimbursed at a fixed rate determined by the agency.